Rab Ha's
Changes in the trade waste regulations have had a positive impact on Rab Ha's!
92% Recycling Rate

Changeworks Recycling provided a simple solution that is easy for the Rab Ha's team. It also means that they have increased the amount of waste they recycle to 92%.

When Glasgow Council announced the new rules regarding the storage and collection of trade waste owner Robert Mullan knew he had to act. Rab Ha’s is a busy bar in the city centre of Glasgow. The bar opened in September 2017 and didn’t do any recycling, all the waste went into one large bin kept outside. Glasgow City Council announced that trade waste could no longer be stored on public space and waste was only allowed to be put out for collection within a specified time frame. Without any private space to store a wheeled container for his trade waste Robert had to find another method of disposing of his business waste. Robert met with several waste companies, but he found all the different services and quotes confusing. Changeworks Recycling met Robert at the bar and by identifying which waste materials were produced in each area we were able to put forward a simple solution that is easy for the Rab Ha’s team and removes the need for an outside container. It also meant that they could increase the amount of waste they recycled.
The team at Rab Ha’s were all interested in the environment and were keen to recycle as much waste as possible. With a few simple changes the bar has started recycling glass and paper from behind the bar, and cans, plastic bottles and food from the kitchen area. What can’t be recycled goes into their general waste bag. Our recycling collections team collect the recycling and general waste from inside the bar. So Robert doesn’t have to worry about being fined for leaving waste out. A year on from starting our service Robert has discovered that changing services has been positive for his business. His team are keen to keep recycling as much as possible, and he didn’t have to pay any more for a better-quality service.
Key Stats
Business Sector
Estimated Carbon Saved
8 tonnes CO2 (E)
Recycling Rate