Recycling is easy for Bross Bagels
Bross Bagels want to have minimal impact on the environment. Recycling their business waste is an important part of that commitment.
75% recycling rate

"The staff feel positive and motivated about being part of this environmental movement". 

Earlier this year, Leith was voted one of the most desirable neighbourhoods to live in the UK. The mixture of the old, maritime history and the new, flourishing entrepreneurial sprit has created a new culture in Leith. There is a new energy, a new feeling of prosperity and community – people and businesses rallying together ensure they are able to shape the Leith they want now and in the future. Bross Bagels started in Portobello and opened its second shop on Leith Walk earlier this year. Larah Bross, owner and manager, has found Leith to be a great place to work. Immersing herself in the ‘Leith Vibe’ she takes pride in being part of the movement aiming to bring positive changes to the area of Leith. Since opening, Bross Bagels have been extremely popular (they’re even expanding their location on Leith Walk to make more use of the space upstairs!). As a result, they needed regular, reliable collections of waste and recycling to ensure their space is being used in the best possible way for their expanding business. Ailsa, our Business Development manager for Edinburgh North, visited the shop to audit their current arrangements and provided a proposal that would ensure a smooth service for such a busy shop. Bross Bagels also has a strong, environmental ethos and wanted to ensure their business waste is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner.
Larah told us: “the environment is super important to Bross Bagels. We try to use as little plastic as possible, encourage the use of reusable cups, and working with Changeworks Recycling is great. We feel reassured knowing that our waste is going to the best possible place that it can and knowing that the waste we produce as a business is having the least possible impact on the planet. It’s great to part of these positive changes, and the staff feel positive and motivated about being part of this environmental movement”. In addition to her passion for the environment and supporting local businesses, she uses local suppliers where possible; everything from the pickles to the meat are sourced locally, and now is using Edinburgh-based Changeworks Recycling as her waste management company. “Since switching over to Changeworks Recycling, the collections have been amazing. There have not been any problems with the service, the drivers are always on time and the people at Changeworks Recycling have been friendly and helpful – it makes a big change from having to spend ages on the phone to get our waste collected. They have also been flexible in their collections, working with us to ensure a smooth service and have provided us with additional information and resources”. Photo credit: Marc Millar Photography
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